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Servants Hall

Lords & Servants Rooms

Discover a Castle of contrasts on a visit to Raby Castle, take a glimpse into life as a servant and discover rooms for Lords, Ladies and their guests.

A Castle of Contrasts - The Blue Bedroom and Servant's Bedroom

The Blue Bedroom shows a typical bedroom designed for very important visitors to the castle in the 19th century.

With its domed canopy 'Polonaise' state bed, ornate French pierglass and bell pushes for calling the servants. It is in sharp contrast to the starkly furnished Servant's Bedroom, which was for a head housekeeper, who was allotted one or two ornaments and a wardrobe.

Impressive Mediaeval Work Room - The Kitchen

Built in 1360 and still almost completely in its original mediaeval form, the Kitchen was in use for the next six hundred years, until 1954.

This room of intersecting arches sweeping up to its octagonal ventilation shaft also has a fascinating collection of Victorian cooking equipment.

Around the room runs a passageway within the thickness of the walls, used as a serving route to the Barons' Hall.

Dining Rooms - The Dining Room and Servants' Hall

Created by William Burn, the handsome Victorian Dining Room has an elaborate 'guilloche' design ceiling with a pattern of repetitive geometrically, interlocking loops repeated in the mouldings of doors and shutters. This room is also a picture gallery containing many important artworks.

46 metres away from the Kitchen, it meant that the servants had to use dishes with hot water compartments and copper dish warmers to keep food hot.

The servants had their lunch in the mediaeval Servants' Hall which was a warm and jolly place with a fire always burning in the hearth and the staff relaxing or carrying out tasks, such as knife polishing and sharpening. The windows facing onto the courtyard are original, but those facing outwards were once arrow loops and have been enlarged.

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