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Raby Forestry

Raby Forestry

Woodland forms an integral part of the Raby Estates, with a diverse mixture of broadleaf and coniferous plantations occupying land from the moorland edge to the lowland margins of the River Tees.

The woodlands are sustainably managed under a long term forest plan, which is independently certified to the UK Woodland Assurance Standard. In addition to commercial timber production, wildlife conservation and maintenance of the landscape are key objectives in the management of the plantations. Forest operations are carried out in a manner which maintains the biodiversity of the woodland and the beauty of the landscape in which they are situated.

An extensive replanting programme ensures that all clear felled areas are appropriately regenerated. In a typical planting season approximately 21,000 coniferous and broadleaf trees are planted to ensure the continued growth of the woodland. The use of native broadleaves in traditionally hardwood areas and sensitive locations maintains the diversity of the plantations across the Estates.

Timber production is an on-going part of the Estates’ woodland management, with a mixture of hardwood and softwood milling timber being cut on a regular basis. For timber sales enquiries please contact the Estates Office.

Christmas trees, grown on the Estates’ plantations are sold during December from the Christmas Shop at Raby Castle. Species produced include Nordman and Fraser Fir which have excellent needle holding ability in addition to traditional Norway spruce.